How can churches help?

The West Freeway School of Evangelism is designed for all members of the church to come and learn the art of evangelism. What can you and your congregation do to help?

  • Find, send, and support students.
  • Provide internship opportunities.
  • HomeMission is currently providing three salaries, but more support will be needed so that HomeMission can continue to focus on its primary task-renewing struggling churches.

Why is this needed?

A recent study has indicated that most preaching schools and universities do a good job of ministry training. However, the emphasis on evangelizing is somewhat lacking. Another study of church growth in America shows that the church is losing members, and evangelism is at an all-time low. According to an article in the Christian Chronicle, many churches of Christ close their doors in America every year. Unless we learn how to evangelize, this trend will continue. The classes offered will not only increase your knowledge of scriptures it will also increase your confidence to share your faith and knowledge with others.

What does this cost?

Students will not be charged to come to the school. We are working to obtain scholarships for students, including housing for their family.

Where will classes be held?

Classes will be conducted at the West Freeway church of Christ, located at 1900 South Las Vegas Trail, Fort Worth, Texas.

Who should enroll?

  • Any faithful Christian who wants to learn how to lead others to Christ
  • Preachers who want more advanced training in soul-winning
  • Recent graduates of preacher training schools or Christian colleges
  • Deacons of evangelism or elders who want to be able to train others

This school will serve as a training ministry for anyone who desires to increase their knowledge of scripture, ability to teach the lost, and become more effective in communicating the Word of God to their friends, neighbors, loved ones, or co-workers. Leading the lost to Christ and keeping people in Christ is the mission of the church. Evangelism is the method Jesus has given us to point others to Him. Evangelism means we must know the message and have the confidence to share that message.